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Adoption of Composite Signatures Is Major Milestone for Post-Quantum Migration June 2024 by Mike Ounsworth & Iain Beveridge &

Hopefully there’s no need for a post-quantum preamble to this blog. Any techies who have not been living in a cave in some outpost of the globe should already be aware of the threat that Cryptographically Relevant Quantum Computers (CRQCs)…

Financial Institutions Must Reexamine Their Technology Setup June 2024 by Nak Koh

In today's fast-evolving financial landscape where customer expectations and technological advancements are constantly shifting, financial institutions must stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive. One crucial step in this pursuit is a comprehensive review of your current technology setup…

VMware Hypervisor Security – Critical Vulnerabilities Related to USB Controller May 2024 by Guillaume Cesbron

Protecting ESXi hosts is crucial to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of virtualized environments, preventing data breaches, downtime, and regulatory non-compliance. With administrators frequently altering configurations within your virtualized environments, how do you maintain and/or enhance your security posture?…

New Publication From the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA): Hardware Security Modules as a Service May 2024 by Iain Beveridge

I’ve been part of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Cloud Key Management working group for 3+ years. We try to meet up virtually every two weeks, skillfully facilitated by our CSA staff member Marina Bregkou. The working group is formed…


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