Investing in tomorrow’s technology today is more critical than ever.
– Bill Gates


Today, the mobile phone is the primary device for everything we do – paying for products and services, communicating with friends and family, managing your work and personal life, entertainment, and keeping up with current events around the world.

However, that wasn’t always the case. Mobile phones once took a backseat to TV and desktop computers, a compliment to content that was already being consumed on the other two screens.

Much like a mobile phone, ID card printing software has traditionally been seen as a compliment to an ID card printer.  Local software housed on a computer (either purchased or developed in-house) or a windows driver have been the primary ways to design and print ID cards.

Yet, as technology evolves faster than ever, organization’s needs have changed. The ability to seamless integrate into your IT environment, the ability to secure your ID card issuance process, and the need to enroll employees, students, and visitors from any location, on any device has revolutionized the ID card printing industry.

This is why we’re excited to announce enhanced functionality to the next generation of identity issuance: Entrust Instant ID as a Service 5.23 Software. Instant ID as a Service brings security, adaptability, and transformative innovation to the cloud.

Specifically, Instant ID as a Service 5.23 includes:

  • An expanded list of available fonts for creating IDs, including Japanese fonts
  • The ability to develop your own drop-down lists when creating IDs
  • Exporting ID records to a CSV file so you can use Instant ID as a Service for enrolling students, employees, and members
  • Support for professional-level entitlement
    • Reading data from iCLASS® and Prox smart cards so your cardholders can use their ID to access buildings
    • Connection to on-premises relational databases so you can pull in records from your own database

These improvements eliminate manual processes, increase the flexibility of our solution, and save you time. Because the last thing you should worry about is how to issue your students, employees, and visitors an ID card.

To learn more about Entrust Instant ID as a Service, visit: