Digital cards are not only a megatrend,  they are also a true change in consumer behavior. Consumers are asking for convenient, fast, and easy payment options. This change is becoming even more important with the Covid-19 health crisis: contactless payment is often preferred by consumers, as it is a safe payment option.

After being one of the pioneers in the dematerialization of meal and food paper vouchers by switching to cards, Sodexo, the world leader in quality of life services, is accelerating its digital transformation. It is collaborating with Antelop Solutions on digital cards and mobile payments supporting the launch of Sodexo Pay and Apple Pay in several countries including  France.


Consumers are asking for the possibility to make contactless payments at restaurants or supermarkets with their Sodexo card, and it is now possible.

In addition to the existing payment methods, Sodexo Pay accompanies the daily life of its users without the necessity of a physical card. With the new Sodexo Pay, contactless payments are more convenient in terms of speed, but also in terms of security and sanitary measures. The service reinvents the life of its users every day. Paying for lunch has never been more convenient, easy, and secure.

Sodexo Pay works with the “Pass Restaurant” app that enables cardholders to monitor their balance and transactions. They also benefit from advantageous deals and services via the app. Contactless payment through a mobile phone is also possible within the €38 daily limit in France (due to current French regulations).

After successful launches in Romania (1st solution on the market) and in Brazil (where Sodexo is the market leader with millions of users), Sodexo France has successfully launched Sodexo Pay for its Android users, as well as Apple Pay (via a digital card only).

“In France, Sodexo Pay is the first contactless mobile payment solution on the private model, compatible with CB / Conecs and that is using the Digital CB / STET Hub to which Antelop (now Entrust) is connected.”, says Bertrand Simonin, Head of Payments, Sodexo BRS France.


Antelop supports Sodexo on its digital cards and mobile payment projects through its Digital Card platform available in different countries, multi-processors, multi-scheme, and certified Mastercard MDES, Visa VTS, CB, PCI DSS.

“The Antelop platform is a real asset for Sodexo. It allows us to manage all card digitization processes (via iTSP) for the many countries we operate in, with different card systems and models (private label, Visa, Mastercard). It also gives us the opportunity to transform our application into a contactless payment application and Digital Card management app via the Antelop SDK”, emphasizes Gabriel Rotella, Global CIO BRS.

Antelop also enables Sodexo to digitize its cards into the Apple Pay wallet. Through additional digital card features from Antelop, Sodexo allows customers to manage all their digital cards in a unified way, with additional features like PIN display.

customer journey.png



The client experience is seamless, with four simple steps:

  1. Download the app

  2. Login and activate mobile payments

  3. Pay contactless at POS with your phone

  4. Manage your card through the app, check the transaction history, etc.

iPhone users can also connect their card to Apple Pay by activating Apple Pay in the “Pass Restaurant” app, by following these steps:

  1. Open the Pass Restaurant app

  2. Click on the “Add to Apple Wallet” button

  3. Accept the Apple Pay Terms of Service

  4. Set the Pass Restaurant card as the default card in the Apple Pay wallet if wanted

More information about the use of Pass Restaurant can be found here.

The app offers an interactive map where users can find a restaurant or merchant close to them who accepts payment with the Pass Restaurant. Sodexo Pay also includes attractive benefits and rewards at POS merchants or online that are also accessible via the app.

In case of lost or theft, users can also block temporarily or unblock their card and ask for a new one if lost permanently.

Watch this video for a full explanation on the use of Sodexo Pay!