It’s almost 14 years to the day that Apple launched the first iPhone, changing our daily lives forever. Fast forward to 2021 and it seems routine to rely on our biometrics to vouch for our identity, access services, and complete transactions in our digitized world.

But going digital comes with its own challenges and risks, including user privacy, security, and safety. Fortunately, your smartphone can help, acting as your trusted digital identity, be that as a consumer, worker, or public citizen.

Here are just five of the ways that mobile is a real game changer – protecting digital communications and transactions with an almost invisible layer of security:

  • Device reputation – A behind-the-scenes check to determine if the user’s mobile device has been compromised. Is it operating behind a TOR-based browser or proxy? Is it a jailbroken or rooted device? And much more. After all, establishing trust in the device first avoids the compromise of otherwise valid credentials.
  • Identity proofing – The ability for a user to confirm their identity from the comfort of their own sofa in under a minute with a few high-resolution snaps of their government-issued ID and a selfie. The pics are validated for document authenticity and to ensure the person presenting the credential is not only the person on that credential, but also a live person.
  • 3DS for card-not-present (CNP) transactions – Virtually every e-commerce transaction is a CNP transaction, and these have a higher fraud risk. An invisible 3DS compliance check can flag suspicious patterns and present a step-up challenge to the consumer on their mobile device before transaction completion.
  • Transaction signing and verification – A simple mobile push notification so a consumer is able to confirm a potential purchase with a corresponding response to verify the transaction.
  • Continuous identity assurance – Leveraging some of the mobile device’s innate capabilities like biometrics and geolocation detection to provide contextual awareness to alert suspicious behaviors.

From secure access to healthcare services to online banking to digital travel and health credentials, mobile is transformative, offering authenticity and integrity while also protecting user identity and privacy. Join our Digital Identities for a Digital Future webinar to learn how to harness the power of mobile.