With the pandemic still in our rearview mirror, the theme of the annual Gartner IAM Americas Conference being held virtually May 11-12 is ‘Adapting to disruption. Enabling transformation.’ These two excerpted quotes from Research Director Michael Kelley in Gartner’s Predicts 2021: Identity and Access Management and Fraud Detection report help foreshadow some of the key topics to be discussed at this year’s event.

  • “While BYOI and social identity federation have improved collaboration and user experience, organizations trusted with this information struggle to keep centralized stores of identity data secure. The steady stream of publicly revealed data breaches highlights the reality that central repositories of identity data will likely never be fully secure or private.”
  • “As access to many products and services continues to migrate to online-only, many individuals in the developing world continue to be identity-invisible. This means that they have no way to participate in banking, finance, education and, in some cases, healthcare, due to the lack of a digital identity.”

It will be interesting to listen to Michael Kelley and other Gartner analysts like Henrique Teixiera, David Mahdi, and Ant Allan as they share their perspectives on the evolution of digital identities including BYOI, decentralized identities, and citizen IDs.

In addition to the analyst sessions, we hope you will enjoy our real life IAM war stories featuring experiences and priorities from our own customer base across the financial, healthcare, and government sectors. As well, please join our moderated live peer conversation on vaccine passports, national IDs, secure credentials, and considerations for building trust in a post-pandemic world.

While no one knows where we’ll be a year from now, the technology foundation for trusted credentials is here today. Having protected over 100 million workforce and consumer identities, along with supporting 400 government programs in over 100 countries, Entrust understands that programs to enable trust in this fast-changing world must rely on a proven foundation of technologies and standards for secure identity and transactions.

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Gartner, Predicts 2021: Identity and Access Management and Fraud Detection, Akif Khan, Michael Kelley, Henrique Teixeira, Kevin Kampman, Ant Allan, David Mahdi, December 04, 2020