In today’s IT environment, digital certificates are everywhere. Our 2020 Global PKI/IoT Report found that IT professionals are managing 43% more certificates than the previous year.

There are several reasons for this dramatic rise in certificates in the enterprise:

  • Increased use of cloud-based IT infrastructure and the adoption of DevOps practices have created the need for on-demand issuance and deployment of certificates.
  • Certificate lifetimes are shortening in areas such as TLS and IoT, requiring more frequent issuance and deployment.
  • Private trust certificates are used more often for use cases like user authentication, VPN, and BYOD, as the corporate workforce and assets go remote and are more distributed
  • Organizations have been deploying and running multiple certificate authorities (CAs) in their environments over a period time
  • All internet-facing services accessed by web browsers are mandated to encryption and TLS/SSL certificates

As a result of this complexity, IT administrators are looking to gain control and visibility of their certificates, while also reducing the workload associated with their growing certificate populations. Without the right tools in place, certificate management can be quite difficult and time consuming.

This was the thinking behind the Entrust Certificate Manager App for ServiceNow. Supporting both public and private trust certificates, the app simplifies the day-to-day lifecycle activity surrounding certificate management,  from a single dashboard within a tool many IT departments are already using, ServiceNow. With the Entrust Certificate Manager App for ServiceNow, IT admins can:

  • Gain visibility into your complete certificate inventory
  • Manage the certificate lifecycle for public and private trust certificates
  • Streamline the request, approval, and certificate provisioning process
  • Help enforce compliance with internal guidelines and external policies
  • Link certificates to users

Given the stakes, certificate management continues to be an area IT departments need to simplify. Entrust is committed to making the tools needed to effectively automate and delegate certificate management tasks available to our customers.

To learn more about the Entrust Certificate Management App for ServiceNow, read our data sheet or visit the ServiceNow App Store.