On January 28, Data Privacy Day was observed around the world. Today, February 11, marks the global recognition of Safer Internet Day.

According to Insafe, the organization spearheading Safer Internet Day, its slogan ‘Together for a Better Internet’ is “a call to action for all stakeholders to join together and play their part in creating a better internet for everyone, and especially for younger users”. This goal is one Entrust Security shares – and its executive team – wholeheartedly shares.

Cindy Provin, senior vice president Entrust Datacard and general manager of Entrust Security:

“We’re seeing heightened vigilance surrounding data integrity and security from the largest to the smallest businesses. That’s with good reason. The potential for malware, viruses and other cyber threats continues to grow as we all become increasingly digitally dependent. Nearly every organization is exposed and vulnerable, and 62% of Americans want companies to make security more reliable. Following security best practices such as weaving encryption, secure identities and key management into the fabric of business processes is a great way for organizations to safeguard their own – and their customers’ – data and do their part to keep the internet safe.”

Peter Galvin, chief strategy officer:

“Digital technology is ingrained into American life — whether we are at work or at play. Yet 68% of Americans fear identity theft. Forty-six percent worry about security when they buy something online. And the social-political climate only adds to the simmering uncertainty around internet safety and online misinformation. That has consumers wondering who and what they can trust, and how they can best protect themselves and their data. Consumers can do that by vigilantly changing passwords and signing up for multi factor authentication where available, avoiding insecure public Wi-Fi networks and shared computers, and resisting the urge to click links from unknown sources. And to avoid being influenced by misinformation, all of us must be careful to consider the source and decide for ourselves what is and is not credible.”

Peter Carlisle, VP of global sales:

Focusing on educating children on internet safety is a vital step and, whilst teaching internet safety is now commonplace in schools, parents may not be so well equipped to set the best examples to protect their children and their children’s personal data.

We entertain our kids with smart speakers and remote-control toys and seek to protect their health with baby monitors and fitness devices and all these devices can be hacked and used to access our data from outside our homes.

Encryption is one of the safest methods to protect your data yet according to Entrust’s recent consumer research, one in four UK adults have never learned about encryption and although half of us claim to feel concerned about the security of connected devices, less than 1 in 4 UK adults takes basic steps like changing passwords regularly and only 1 in 10 people have read the privacy policy for their devices.

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