As part of their 2019 report on the global IoT IAM market, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions conducted an in-depth analysis of the major IoT IAM vendors by evaluating their product portfolio, market presence, and value proposition. The report provides a competitive assessment of the leading vendors in the form of their proprietary SPARK Matrix, which provides strategic insights on how each vendor ranks related to their competitors concerning various performance parameters based on the category of technology excellence and customer impact.

There was a lot that went into this evaluation of course, but in the end, one thing came through loud and clear: Entrust is a technology leader.

SPARK Matrix chart

The report notes that Entrust, with its sophisticated ioTrustTM security platform, has secured strong ratings for the overall parameters of technology excellence and customer impact.

“Entrust ioTrustTM security platform provides sophisticated functional capabilities to enable organizations to build a trusted foundation for operational infrastructure, supply chain integrity, and data security from sensors to the enterprise cloud platforms,” said Piyush Dewangan, Industry Research Manager at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. “The ioTrust security solution portfolio is well-positioned to help organizations in implementing secure-by-design strategies by establishing a root-of- trust throughout the device lifecycle.” What’s exciting is that this is just one of several industry accolades and recognitions Entrust has received lately. We were praised as an industry trailblazer in recent cybersecurity report by ABI Research. And we were recently awarded the IoT Product Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan.

We have a really great team here at Entrust, and it’s fantastic to see them getting recognized for all of the hard work they’re putting in. We truly are technology leaders, and others are noticing!

Coming back to the Quadrant report — they published a Knowledge Brief specific to Entrust’s ranking in the IoT IAM SPARK Matrix and capabilities in the global IoT IAM market. To learn more about the research, results, and our ioTrust solution, download it today:Download Knowledge Brief