ABI Research recently published a report on Smart City Cybersecurity. In it, they covered a wide spectrum of cybersecurity challenges for smart cities where sustainability, efficiency and citizen safety are key priorities. A section of this report is dedicated to information and profiles of key vendors in the cybersecurity industry.

When it comes to Entrust, ABI Research makes note of how we are setting ourselves  apart from other security providers in the industry: “Entrust is developing key IoT smart city technologies that other companies are unwilling (or unable) to address or even implement in an effort to lower total cost of ownership,” they noted.

As mentioned in the report, Entrust’s IoT solution, ioTrust™ “focuses on security IoT connection, device identity, and clear visibility over connected assets, PKI, encryption keys, KEKs and key lifecycle management, authentication, and authorization in the field.”

They also referenced our recent acquisition of Entrust and our partnership with Gemalto for developing IoT crypto-services, identity issuance, and access management as further proof of our industry leadership.

Other topics discussed in the report include encryption, distributed denial of service attacks, low-power wide area networks (LPWAN), ransomware threats, citizen data protection, zero-level threats, monetization challenges and more. The analysts identify key market trends and even propose three different approaches to assist smart city implementers in developing a cybersecurity framework.

The full Smart City Cybersecurity Report is available for download at the ABI Research website.
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