The Entrust Datacard monthly SSL review covers SSL/TLS discussions with a recap of news, trends and opinions from the industry.

Entrust Datacard discusses new IP address validation methods and asks — how many digital certificates are you using?

CA / Browser Forum:

  • Ballot SC16: Other Subject Attributes confirms that Organization Unit value can be in the subject of an EV SSL certificate, but the ballot does not allow any other item to be added to the subject field without EV Guidelines.
  • Code Signing Certificate Working Group Charter has been created. Parties are invited to join the working group to support the management and issuance of public trust code signing certificates.

hashedout discusses:

Bulletproof TLS Newsletter #51 discusses Trouble with a missing random bit in serial numbers.
Other News and Notes

Let’s Encrypt announces The ACME Protocol is an IETF Standard, and we are announcing an end-of-life plan for our ACMEv1 support.