Every employee has experienced the dilemma of achieving a work life balance. How many of us work more than eight hours a day yet never seem to get through the overflowing inbox, multiple business requests and work-related emergencies?

If you’re reading this, you’re likely an IT professional who supports an enterprise made up of many user communities and varied use cases. We no longer live in a world where company-issued devices and security parameters live inside the enterprise.

You’re responsible for securing on-premise applications in addition to everything outside the enterprise, including cloud applications and external portals for partners and customers. On top of managing strategic IT and security initiatives, you still have to manage the day-to-day requests.

Yet your workload continues to increase, and you’re lacking the support and resources you need. In fact, Gartner’s latest Emerging Risks Survey showed that “sixty-three percent of respondents indicated that a talent shortage was a key concern for their organization”.*

So what’s the solution?

With the impact of digital transformation, organizations are expanding their user base, usually requiring different types of security levels. When it comes to prioritizing solutions that address UX, cost and security, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice. Find a solution that can be managed from one platform and integrates into different applications. Even though you may only require secure access to one type of application today, I suspect that in the near future you’ll be looking for a solution that supports other applications as well.

In this blog series we’ll address the many use cases your organization is facing and how enterprise-wide authentication – if implemented correctly – will simplify your workload and create more balance in your life.

Stay tuned to learn more about smarter authentication that’s tailored to every user, every application and every device:

  • Employee Access: Secure access to everything – applications, networks, computers and doors – with authentication that’s easy to use.
  • Mobile Workforce: Frictionless user experience with high levels of assurance.
  • Extended Access: Give cost effective access solutions to your external users to the apps, information and networks you choose.

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*Q418 Emerging Risks Report and Monitor, January 2019