While in Amsterdam for this year’s sales kick off meeting (SKO), I spoke with my colleague Peter Carlisle about exactly what my role as Entrust’s Global VP of Legal entails.

Like most lawyers, our legal team has more than a few responsibilities. To start, we help ensure we’re operating within the lines of laws and regulations, and have good governance. We’re also here to support the larger organization, and help team members meet their goals. We’re not here to put unnecessary barriers in place.

Entrust to join Entrust Datacard

For the last eight years, I’ve been in the data security market. In my opinion, it’s one of the most interesting, dynamic markets out there. When you think of our modern day technologies and the businesses that harness them for change, nothing is more central to their continued success than data security.

What excites me most about Entrust is that we have literally thousands of years of experience between all of us and we were successful last year in meeting our goals (despite the distractions). Not only do we no longer have those distractions, we’re also unharnessed. We’re in a fantastic position to do some remarkable work.

While we’re on the topic of work, during the SKO I was asked was what my ‘average day’ looks like. Looking out over the crowd, I was reminded that everyone sitting there pretty much dictates my schedule. Because of that, it varies. My team spends a large amount of time on transactional matters, and recently we’ve endeavored to ensure the carve-out from Thales went as smoothly as possible from a legal standpoint.

Outside of the office, I’m fortunate enough to call Nevada (specifically, the stunning Sierras) home. I have two children, both of whom share my love of learning and who are just as tenacious and hard-working as I am. A visit to Machu Picchu is on my bucket list; its size and grandeur boggles my mind.