Let’s face it: as an IT professional you spend far too much time resolving employee productivity issues and listening to frustrated users, all for the sake of ensuring secure access to apps, networks, computers, and more. It’s time to do yourself a favor and switch to IntelliTrust™ Authentication Service.

Designed around an effortless user experience, IntelliTrust’s behind-the-scenes authentication enables employees to work securely and be productive, while making life a little easier for you and your team.

According to a recent Forrester study, companies with frustrating security controls risk alienating employees, which drives up support costs and slows down the speed of business.

Entrust Datacard helps you move beyond passwords and traditional multi-factor authentication with a broad choice of authenticators, from simple mobile solutions to high-assurance credentials that protect against the most sophisticated threats to your enterprise.

To learn more about IntelliTrust Authentication Service, read the solution brief or checkout our website to hear what the experts say.

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