The holidays are just around the corner and what better “stocking stuffer” for your employees than the gift of being able to use their mobile device to securely access all of the information they can get in the office anywhere, anytime.  And as an IT administrator, give yourself a gift as well – the gift of providing this access easily and securely with a minimum of user friction. Sound good?

How do you make this new mobile environment both secure and user friendly? First, you take the well-known and a trusted certificate-based smart card and create a digital version that is in your mobile device. The experts at Entrust Datacard have done just that, we call it a mobile smart credential. We even made it PIV-D compliant for Government employee gift giving. This mobile smart credential enables all the functionality you expect from a physical smart card: certificate-based authentication permitting user access to sensitive corporate sites and information, encryption of sensitive information and digital signing of documents, we can even unlock doors – all conducted on the mobile device while eliminating the need to carry a separate authentication method. Perfect.

But to truly be a great gift you need something else.  It needs to be integrated into your Enterprise Mobility Management platform, making it easy for the user while maintaining the control you need over your mobile infrastructure. By partnering with Citrix and their endpoint management solution – which provides mobile device management and mobile application management, organizations can fully realize the benefits of a mobile based workforce. Using an existing verified credential to bootstrap the enrollment process, users can securely deploy the Mobile Smart Credential on their device from anywhere. Friction gone. The integration with the Citrix platform then allows the use of the Mobile Smart Credential for secure access to Wi-Fi networks, browser based access to resources and secure email for communication.

For US Federal Government organizations that use PIV credentials, this solution is certified for use by US Federal Gov’t agencies needing to issue Derived PIV Credentials to comply with NIST 800-156 Guidelines for Derived PIV Credentials.

This gift that just keeps giving will be available direct from Citrix and Entrust Datacard or through your favorite local systems integrator beginning in January. Just in time for the holidays! Watch for the announcement here:

Now, what to get my wife…