Participating in the 4th Latin American Congress of Technology and Business “América Digital,” hosted in Santiago de Chile, Itecsa, a TotalPack company, launched the innovative self-service solution A.C.P.M. (Automatic Card Printer Machine), developed entirely in Chile with Entrust Datacard technology.

A.C.P.M. has the most stringent global security standards (PCI), access (ADA-Act) and EMV chip customization, all thanks to the secure instant issuance software Cardwizard™, the Datacard CE870K financial printer and the dual authentication powers of IdentityGuard™. With this system, not only can financial cards be produced, but they can also simultaneously generate virtual cards for mobile wallets thanks to the addition of solutions by HCE CUB3™ wallet.

The self-service solution is the first of its kind and guarantees that the instant issuance of credit cards and debit cards can be done safely, quickly, easily and reliably in less than 3 minutes. Additionally, the A.C.P.M solution includes resources that facilitate its use to people with visual, auditory and/or motor disabilities through its sound instructions, in Braille language and enough space to be operated from wheelchairs.

One of the functions that makes it unique worldwide is the ability to authenticate the client in two steps (double authentication), issue debit and credit cards instantly and manage that same card on a mobile phone, with which you can make contactless payments, allowing a secure electronic transaction without compromising the real data of the card.

“The presentation of this exclusive kiosk for the instant issuance of credit and debit cards, means an important advance both for our company, and for the future of self-payment solutions,” says Jaime Gadansky, General Manager of Itecsa. “In an increasingly technological and inclusive world, we believe that digital alternatives must meet the demands of all our customers and A.C.P.M. is the reflection of the work developed to respond to these new challenges,” he concludes.