With national and global security-related events on the rise, now is the time for increased awareness and urgency around municipal security. When an emergency incident occurs, officers and first responders must be able to engage at the scene — and use the proper credentials to get immediate security clearance to help others during the chaos.

At a time when over 11 million credentials are missing and stolen, the security of your card program is critical to the safety of your citizens. A secure document is counterfeit and tamper-resistant and easily verifiable as genuine. Secure card programs provide the appropriate security level to meet the level of risk. Smart programs provide protection against individuals:

  • creating counterfeit documents
  • stealing and altering authentic documents
  • fraudulently issuing authentic documents

Join us on November 9th at 1:00 pm CT for a webinar hosted by PoliceOne, in partnership with IDWholesaler. Experts will introduce ways to create a secure and cost-effective ID Card program to meet your organization’s needs. You’ll learn how to quickly transform a “basic” photo ID into a highly secure, tamper-proof identification credential.

Protect your community by establishing trust. Learn how a secure ID credential secures employees, facilities, and infrastructure.



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