Financial instant issuance (FII) is an evolving aspect of modern payments that has paved the way for increased customer convenience.

When a consumer loses their payment card or has it stolen, checking the mailbox every day in anticipation of a new one is far from ideal. Today’s digitally-driven customers have developed the expectation for instant gratification – especially when it comes to financial services. The ability to immediately pick up a replacement payment card at a local branch can save customers hours on the phone and up to five days waiting for a physical card to arrive in the mail.

With concerns about account takeover or the use of fake credentials to open new payment cards, it’s important to point out that instant issuance is actually a very secure option for financial institutions.

Most fraud cases happen at the identity level – long before the instant issuance process begins. The best practices for securing card issuance starts with providing the bank’s customers with the ability to accurately confirm they are who they say they are. This means secure identity options, whether that be strong authentication in a mobile banking app or identity validation through a customer’s smartphone.

With proper controls in place, banks can continue to strike a balance between providing customers with fast access to their accounts and simultaneously mitigating fraud.

The right instant issuance solutions have an immediate impact on customer satisfaction. There are three key things a secure instant issuance solution should include:

  • Encryption. This prevents hackers’ ability to print off fraudulent cards. It also keeps unauthorized persons from using secure PINs.
  • Compliance. The right solution is compliant with all industry standards, including Visa and MasterCard instant issuance standards and certification as a PCI PA-DSS solution.
  • Support. While adding any new solution may bring about security concerns, a truly safeguarded solution will offer trusted and beneficial support in installing instant issuance systems.

Considering 48 percent of all debit card users and 63 percent of millennial debit card users say the ability to get debit cards in a local branch is important, it’s time for banks to start prioritizing FII and its ability to minimize fraud.

At Entrust Datacard our instant issuance solutions deliver immediate purchasing power through instant replacement of lost cards and the choice of personalized payment products. Further, our compliance with all industry standards makes it a safe solution, so banks can worry less about fraud and more about exceeding customer expectations. By offering instant issuance of payment cards, we’re helping financial institutions reap the benefits of increased card use, drive higher activations and deepen customer loyalty.

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