Instant card issuance is compelling. A customer opens an account and leaves with a financial institution’s card at the top of their wallet, able to use it on-the-spot. Or, a customer suffers from a lost, stolen, or compromised card and receives a replacement card immediately in their branch. In both situations, everyone wins. Customers receive immediate response and superior service. Financial institutions (FIs) receive greater revenue and more loyal customers.Not surprisingly, the need for instant card issuance is staggering. Per the Aite Group ACI Worldwide study, in the past year:

  • 53% of U.S. consumers received a replacement card due to fraud or break-in
  • 32% of cardholders used their card less as a result of a fraud experience
  • 6% of cardholders switched financial institutions as a result of their card fraud experience

Customers now expect the convenience, support, and speed of instant issuance. Yet not all FIs are offering this technology. How big is this opportunity and what’s the business case for making the investment? If you’re with an FI without instant issuance, what are you missing out on?

Register today for the webinar: The Bottom Line about Instant Issuance
August 1
1pm-2pm CT

Join us, and Aite Group, to better understand the state of instant issuance today. Learn the benefits, rate of adoption, and consumer drivers that make this technology a powerful differentiator for FIs. Hear from our VP of Instant Issuance, Karen Kaukol, on use cases, best practices, and innovations. Julie Conroy, of Aite Group, will present hard stats from financial institutions who benefited from instant issuance.

Attendees will receive a free copy of the full Aite Group report “Instant Issuance: Driving Card Use and Self-Service Channels.”


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