Some things really are better together, like bacon and eggs. You can have just eggs, but breakfast is oh so much better if you can add bacon for a complete breakfast. When it comes to virtual machine encryption, like eggs, you can go without the bacon, or in this case key management, but it’s incomplete. Such is the case with VMware Virtual Machine Encryption for vSphere. Many of you are probably considering moving to vSphere 6.5, in large part, to leverage VMware’s vSphere VM Encryption. Kudos to VMware for making it easier to encrypt VMs. A recent HyTrust study found that 28% of organizations were still not using encryption. The new VMware encryption approach makes encryption easier yet requires an external key manager to enable encryption. HyTrust, a long time VMware strategic partner, was the first to step up and support VMware customers with our key management solution announcement in October 2016.

As more organizations are now looking to deploy vSphere 6.5 and its new encryption capabilities, HyTrust is making it even easier to protect your infrastructure.  As an administrator you don’t want to be slowed down trying to find a key management solution built specifically for VMware (and deal with potentially painful vendor contracts). HyTrust has you covered to help complete your VMware encryption project with key management that is easy to deploy.

With HyTrust KeyControl, you will get the following:

  1. Fully tested and VMware approved KMIP server (built-in option within vCenter).
  2. Highly available HyTrust KeyControl controller nodes. Two nodes ensure active-active, high availability all the time.
  3. Easy to use Admin GUI and API interface for integration with your VMware infrastructure.
  4. American-made and backed by a US company (those encryption laws and regulations can be tricky for some organizations using encryption from foreign entities).
  5. Enterprise scalability and support options available to ensure a large-scale production deployment.

Encryption and key management is core to what HyTrust does and we can help you better understand how VMware vSphere encryption works. HyTrust security experts can help you identify any security or operational limitations that you might encounter in your infrastructure. HyTrust can even help you get started with a testing guide to ensure you cover all your bases with your encryption deployment plan.

You can find out more about HyTrust KeyControl or contact your VMware sales representative and ask about HyTrust .

Ok, time to wash down the bacon and eggs with coffee. You read this far – you deserve it.