We recently released statistics that show how incorporating an Entrust Datacard instant issuance solution into a financial institutions portfolio can produce year-over-year growth in purchase volume and transactions.

Today, instant issuance continues to expand into bank and credit union branch locations globally and financial institutions are reaping the benefits – from higher activation rates (100% when instantly issued in branch) and card portfolio profitability, to increased customer satisfaction and net promoter scores. Beyond providing benefits to the consumer who is opening a new account, has lost their payment card or had it stolen, instant issuance also provides opportunities for financial institutions to educate customers on additional services and offerings – from mobile banking to ATM deposits to EMV chip card use. These education opportunities allow the FIs to empower the cardholder, provide cross-sell opportunities and move lower-value in-branch transactions to other channels. All of which provide the bank or credit union with higher customer service scores and additional revenue generating opportunities.

To learn more about our instant issuance solutions, visit https://www.entrust.com/issuance-systems/instant/financial-card>.

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