Imagine needing to carry only one card in your wallet for a variety of purposes including identification, banking, transportation, medical, insurance services and more. In 1990, in response to a rapidly growing population and the desire to become a more mature, high income, fully developed nation, the government of Malaysia put in place a program that would issue a national identification card to all citizens when they reach the age of 12. The National Registration Department (NRD) of Malaysia oversees the registration of citizens and issues the cards to the roughly 30 million Malaysian citizens.

The Malaysian National ID cards – MyKad – allows citizens to access a variety of service with just one card. Citizens are issued the card at age 12 and then issued a renewal card at age 18. The card includes a variety of security features including smart cards, laser engraving and color printing personalization. Each card has a lifespan of about 10 years.

Recently, the NRD and the Malaysia MyKad program were presented with two awards from the Asia Pacific Smart Card Association at the Radiant eID Awards held Dec. 1 in Bangladesh. The Radiant Service Award recognizes a national electronic ID program that has delivered exemplary services to citizens and residents for at least five years.

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