Day two of CARTES is over and we have enjoyed meeting with current and potential customers and partners and talking about our solutions for trusted identities and secure transactions, as well as what the future holds for Entrust Datacard and the industry in general.

During his speaking session on Wednesday, Tim Klabunde presented a very timely presentation surrounding border security and the importance of trusted identities. During his presentation, Tim discussed why it is imperative that we are combining physical and digital credentials to create a truly trusted personal identity. It is these trusted identities that will help to thwart counterfeit and fraudulent passports and other government IDs and make border crossings more secure.

Our afternoon session featured Mike Byrnes who spoke to the fact that as consumers, we are all becoming increasingly concerned about the safety and security of our financial data and personal information, especially when engaging in digital banking. That being said, as a consumer we also want robust and convenient digital applications that work when and where we want. At Entrust Datacard we are working to provide financial institutions with security and authentication solutions that provide consumers with a frictionless digital banking experience. By providing consumers with security features that are transparent to the transaction, banks are able to enhance their customer satisfaction, while providing a safe and secure transactions.

We look forward to continuing the conversation about the identity ecosystem with our meetings on stand and our final speaking session by director of product management, Evan O’Regan. Today, 75% of cyber-attacks happen because of a stolen identity. Evan will speak to attendees about the importance of the identity authentication process and the extreme importance of ensuring that we are who we say we are whether crossing a border, logging on to a corporate network or making  purchase.

We look forward to great final day at CARTES.

Entrust Datacard