As the transmission of information increases and businesses pursue more mobile-centered options, these developments create risks in addition to possibilities. But the vulnerabilities of an increasingly digital world can be mitigated via the implementation of centralized digital certificate management.

“The vulnerabilities of an increasingly digital world can be mitigated via the implementation of centralized digital certificate management.”

As SSLShopper has pointed out, SSL certificates play a huge role in keeping data secure as it is in transit. The principle behind an SSL certificate is it that secures information so that the data being sent is only accessible to the specific recipient. This protects against the risks that could befall insecure data, such as information tampering and spying. In a typical enterprise workflow, privileged data is transmitted frequently. Without SSL, that information immediate becomes vulnerable. Here are three top reasons why SSL certificates are still vital for businesses:

  • Cybercriminals are looking to intercept data in transit: Cybercriminals are all about identifying weaknesses in a target’s network. They often find that one of the weakest links in the typical business infrastructure occurs when information is in transit. That’s because many businesses have worked hard in recent years to bolster stored data security, but haven’t extended that same effort to the transmission of information, as Computer​ Weekly has noted. Therefore, cybercriminals have shifted their focus from targeting stored data to the more vulnerable transmitted information. Recently, hackers have been refining malicious strains that are specifically designed to capture data as it is moving between destinations, and this threat to businesses will continue to persist — unless organizations do something about it. For enterprises, SSL certificates offer a vital means of defending against transit-based hacks.
  • Customers will trust your business more: Securing and maintaining the trust of patrons is perhaps the most important component of any business. But as more organizations pursue cyber solutions — such as the implementation of e-pay — the risks to customers grow. However, these risks are eliminated via SSL certificates, which, when added to processes like online transactions, not only heighten security, but also provide patrons with the key knowledge that their private data is secure. When a customer sees the trust seal that indicates SSL is in place, he or she will have faith that their information is properly protected.
  • They’ll lead to a boost in brand credibility: When customers trust a business and have confidence in its security mechanisms, they will feel a greater sense of loyalty. And as your business adds more loyal patrons to its network, that will allow the enterprise to enjoy a surge in credibility. These days, effective security is one of the key elements that sets credible businesses apart.

A look at Entrust Datacard’s offerings

Here at Entrust Datacard, we’re an industry leader in the enterprise protection sector. A huge part of the reason we are able to maintain a central role in the delivery of top-tier end-user experience — and earn continued recognition for it — is that we’re constantly looking to the specific needs of our customers, and how we can best meet those needs. Based on our customers’ needs, we offer a robust lineup of SSL certificate options, including:

  • EV Multi-Domain: EV Multi-Domain offers the greatest level of Web security assurance you can get. With quick issuance, unlimited server licenses and unlimited re-issues, EV is perfect for enterprise environments that require a top-tier level of security for private data in transmission. By offering a high level of flexibility on your end as well as an optimal user experience on the patron end — your customers will receive site seals, but won’t be bogged down by visible trust dialogs — EV is often the go-to choice for organizations.
  • Standard: As a foundational offering, Standard provides businesses with the organizational validation they need to maintain security in a well-coordinated way. Those who use Advantage benefit from its default ability to secure both your www and non-www website versions. The cost efficiency of this option makes it an appealing choice.
  • Advantage: For ease of setup and deployment, there’s no beating our Advantage offering, which provides customers with a more feature-rich solution than our Standard offering. Additionally, it supports both browser-to-server and server-to-server connections. Another great feature of Advantage is that it comes with an unlimited issuance policy, which allows for easy re-issuance in the case of, say, lost passwords. This feature, paired with self-service certificate creation, removes the burden of manual issuance from users and instead provides them with a seamlessly functional solution.

Those are not where our offerings end too! They also include UC Multi-DomainWildcard, and Private. By harnessing SSL certificates, your business can enjoy a level of security that will protect against disaster and empower you to continue pushing forward in the enterprise realm.

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