For the last six years, Entrust Datacard has been involved with INTERPOL as a strategic partner. The interviewers at INTERPOL World 2015 had the opportunity to sit down with Entrust Datacard’s Mark Joynes, Director of Product Management, to discuss Entrust’s strategic partnership with INTERPOL and its unique end-to-end security solutions.

Entrust has been producing secure documents and passports for years. “We’ve been very involved…with [INTERPOL’s] travel document initiative, and we provide the technology security in their travel documents and ID cards. So we got engaged with INTERPOL World while looking for ways to help [INTERPOL] solve problems with border control,” said Joynes.

Entrust Datacard is now looking to work with INTERPOL to bring together multiple data sources as well as the electronic and physical features of passports and identity cards to create an end-to-end solution that also includes electronic passport validation.

“The world spends a lot of money on producing very expensive travel documents, but there are only about 10 countries that validate them electronically at border control. That is a situation that has got to change,” said Joynes.

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