In 2014, two industry leaders, Entrust and Datacard Group, aligned decades of experience to provide an increased commitment to addressing global security challenges. As Entrust Datacard, we help customers serve citizens, consumers, students and employees around the world, as well as create solutions for a more connected, mobile and secure life.

Entrust Datacard colleagues are an innovative and talented group of professionals who work to create, market, sell and support cutting edge technologies. We are actively looking for new members to join our team and help expand our impact as an industry leader.

Growth on the Horizon

Entrust Datacard has over 2,000 colleagues in 34 locations around the world. Each year, our solutions secure billions of transactions, and our technologies issue and manage more than 10 million secure identities. Now our team is growing faster than ever so we can further our commitment to provide secure identities and trusted transactions. In the following excerpt, Entrust Datacard Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Lynnette Heath, explains the outlook of our business and colleagues: “The strength of the core Datacard market combined with the reach of the Entrust market creates huge potential,” said Heath. “Since January 2014, we have grown and we’re expecting to continue to grow exponentially.”

Make an Impact

With a network of strong global partners, Entrust Datacard serves customers in 150 countries worldwide. Even as our business grows, our colleagues are continuously connected to the pulse of customers and products.

“Our colleagues have the opportunity to directly impact the business. We’re the perfect size. You can feel your impact and see its global reach,” according to Heath.

Furthermore, our leadership is active, committed and team-oriented, working alongside colleagues while sharing the same goals and achievements. “The culture is fast paced and high energy at Entrust Datacard,” says Heath. “Our colleagues bring fresh ideas to the table, and the leadership gives them the freedom to run with them.”

Join the Team

We are hiring for over 100 leadership, product management, sales, marketing, development, operations and security positions, and are looking for colleagues with expertise in key areas such as:

  • Authentication & Credentialing
  • Financial Instant Issuance
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Cloud Services Enablement
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Strategic Alliances
  • SSL

Click here for a complete list of open positions. We will also be on-site at the 2015 RSA Conference interviewing qualified candidates. Click here to request an interview during the showBetter Together

Our growing company relies on curious, dedicated and innovative colleagues to anticipate the future and provide solutions for a more connected, mobile and secure world. Take the first step to joining our team. Apply today.

Entrust Datacard