We are pleased to announce that two industry leaders — Entrust and Datacard Group — are combining decades of experience to provide trusted identities and secure transactions under one brand. Welcome to the new Entrust Datacard. Today at CARTES Secure Connexions 2014 in Paris, we debuted our new company name, logo and corporate brand identity. When Entrust was acquired by Datacard Group earlier this year, we set out on a mission to marry our commitments to cutting-edge technology and security. Entrust Datacard will continue to preserve to equity of Datacard and Entrust products while we continue to integrate solutions that combine Entrust and Datacard technologies for consumer, citizen and enterprise applications. “The world is changing — it’s more connected, more mobile and more empowered than ever,” said Entrust Datacard CEO Todd Wilkinson. “Our new brand and corporate identity is a reflection of this evolution and the changing markets we serve. We understand how the connected world is evolving and we work relentlessly to anticipate trends as we determine how change will affect our customers.” Now with more than 2,000 colleagues around the world, and a network of strong global partners, Entrust Datacard will provide secure and reliable solutions for our customers around the globe. Celebrate with us. Visit the new www.entrust.com

Entrust Datacard