A quick look at our world today reveals that the need for mobile security has never been greater. After all, the number of activated mobile devices has actually surpassed the population of our planet.

For the people who use them — which is just about everybody — such devices permeate every aspect of life. These days, it is often a given that at least part of your workday will be carried out via the phone in your pocket. According to recent statistics, 60 percent of smartphones serve both as personal and work devices.

On the one hand, this merging of work and life onto a single platform is convenient. It makes working from a remote location (or while in transit) not only feasible but easy. However, the benefits of the mobile workplace are accompanied by very real security threats.

The proliferation of privileged information traveling via smartphones and other mobile devices opens up a prime attack point for hackers and criminal organizations. Therefore, to ensure the maintenance of enterprise security in the age of BYOD, companies are encouraged to implement a certificate authentication structure for their mobile networks.

What these device certificates do is create a unique identity for each smartphone or tablet connected to the company. By generating identities for each device, company IT departments can help guarantee that these products are suitably guarded and, therefore, trustworthy.

Unfortunately, today’s enterprise security landscape is one in which trust can never be taken for granted. Hackers are always looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities and override administrative blockades. But a certificate makes such a breach significantly harder to pull off.

The benefits of device certificates don’t stop there. In addition to the trust that they can help instill in companies, a certificate authentication system also helps minimize dependence on passwords and ensure the security of Wi-Fi signon.

Want the infographic? Feel free to download the full version, Device Certificates: Identity Authentication in a Mobile World,” compliments of Entrust.

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