In today’s world of constantly changing cyberthreats, advancing global security is an absolute necessity. Intelligent solutions are needed in order to help eliminate global organized crime, terrorism and other illicit activities that plague organizations—and individuals—everywhere.

One organization that relies on these intelligent solutions is the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL). On Oct. 21, Entrust will travel to Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, to take part in the 82nd INTERPOL General Assembly. As the governing body of INTERPOL, the assembly meets once a year to debate major decisions and discuss resources for international cooperation and other important logistical issues facing the international organization.

This assembly will provide a way for national police forces, international law enforcement and government border control agencies to exchange ideas, technology and best practices for ensuring cyber security. A main issue that will be explored at this year’s assembly includes the trafficking of illicit goods, drugs and firearms. Additionally, there will be a focus on promoting national border security.

As a global leader in the promotion of border security and ePassports, Entrust will be present at this conference to showcase the most cutting-edge technological innovation available. The company’s goal is to reduce costs, increase efficiency and promote digital trust and security through its intelligent digital security solutions.

As a participant in this assembly, and a key technology partner of INTERPOL, Entrust plans on showcasing its advanced multipurpose smart credentials. These credentials help facilitate secure mobile, cloud, physical and logical domains in both on-premise and managed cloud-based services. Through the use of authentication, secure email and communication services, and helping address regulatory compliance, Entrust provides necessary solutions for consolidating and authenticating user identities within law enforcement departments. By simplifying the authentication process, Entrust reduces risk and facilitates secure movement across mobile, cloud, physical and logical domains.

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