The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is currently approving many generic top-level domains (gTLDs). What are gTLDs? This is the last part or the suffix of a domain name. The most popular gTLD is .com.

There are probably many purposes to issue gTLDs. They range from allowing domain subscribers to use popular site names that have already been used. This has been addressed in the past. If someone has registered, then maybe you could register The new gTLDs will also allow domain subscribers to register names with a gTLD that matches their business (e.g., .estate) or their locality (e.g., .london).

In the last month ICANN has approved more than 25 names including: .bike, .camera, .clothing, .construction, .contractors, .equipment, .estate, .gallery, .graphics, .guide, .guru, .holdings, .land, .lighting, .menu, .onl, .plumbing, .reviews, .sexy, .singles, .tattoo, .technology, .ventures, .voyage and .uno. As such, there are many opportunities to brand your site with a more applicable domain name.

As a certificate subscriber, you may have a certificate issued using an approved new gTLD or a proposed new gTLD. If you have a certificate with an approved new gTLD, then you have two options that must be completed with 120 days from when the gTLD was approved:

  • Register your Domain Name. This may not be possible if your company does not meet the criteria for the gTLD. For instance, if you used .camera, but you are not in the camera business then you might not qualify.
  • Revoke your Certificate.

Your CA will likely contact you if they find a certificate with a new gTLD that must be addressed.

For future planning, you should review your domains and check for unregistered TLDs. If you have a TLD on the proposed new gTLD list, then you should consider whether you will want to register or change the name.

Please note that although .corp and .home are on the proposed new gTLD list, ICANN has determined they will not approve these as gTLDs at this time.