Building on an already robust suite of mobile solutions , Entrust just announced version 2.0 of our Mobile Smart Credential. This new release includes a few very cool features that help organizations deploy stronger, more effective security controls and improve the end-user experience. This makes security that is simple rather than a frustrating barrier that gets in the way of business.

Rather than writing about the rich product feature set (you can read about that in many other places), I think it’s most important for people to know that the Mobile Smart Credential is all about providing options to meet your specific business needs.

While Entrust is all about identity-based security, the specific business problems our customers face can vary greatly across vertical markets, geographies and even based on the size of their company.

The Mobile Smart Credential is about providing different starting points.  Whether you’re a

  • Retail bank looking to streamline security on your mobile applications
  • Commercial bank needing to deploy simple, yet effective, solutions to defeat account takeover fraud driven by malware attacks
  • A healthcare provider looking to simplify authentication and digital-signing of prescriptions and test requisitions
  • An enterprise leveraging mobile for convenient physical and logical access to desktop computers and applications;

— the Mobile Smart Credential can meet your immediate needs and provide a path to meeting future needs as they arise.

I have thoroughly enjoyed previewing our Mobile Smart Credential 2.0 with a number of clients over the past few months. And during this time, I continue to learn about new and compelling use cases that go way beyond providing security into new areas, such as leveraging mobile-based identities to drive new revenue and streamline business process.

Drop us a line and let us know what you want from mobile. I have a hunch we just may be able to help get you there.

Entrust Datacard