Presenter: Joel Munk
Track: EMV implementation and financial services
Date: Tuesday, 23 April
Time: 10:50 – 11:10am

As the financial industry experiences major change — including the adjustments the recent announcements to accelerate EMV chip migration in the U.S. by 2015 – banks are being forced to re-evaluate their business strategies to minimize costs and increase efficiencies and innovations in their card operations.

Supplementing centralized card production with and EMV instant issuance program can be an initial step in the EMV migration path that all financial institutions can take to help meet long-term growth objectives and the requirements for 2015 EMV migration. In addition, it can help them enhance efficiencies in their card program by helping meet the needs of today’s consumers and drive up profitability and core deposits.

This presentation will look at the factors that are important for successful EMV implementation and outline how operations managers can integrate it into an instant issuance program. In addition, it will highlight the various EMV implementation options that are available, as well as discuss quality measures and ways to stay ahead of the innovation curve.

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