Entrust product marketing manager Mike Byrnes explores the innovation in mobile security and identities during RSA Conference 2013 at the Moscone Center.

This almost goes without saying, but mobile has been big for many years. But it’s the next phase that will truly transform how people use mobile devices, particularly as digital identities.

During RSA Conference 2013 at Booth 1139 this week, Entrust authentication experts Mike Moir and Mike Byrnes are showing how organizations are able to deploy a two-pronged approach to not only secure mobile identities and transactions, but also leverage mobile devices to secure the online channel.

But what’s a presentation without live demonstrations? Moir and Byrnes are showing off some very cool capabilities that focus on how mobile devices will not only bolster the security to protect digital identities, but also make security and transactions much easier for end-users.

The end of passwords? Check. No more expensive physical tokens? Yup. Increased security? You bet.

Entrust’s mobile security demos drawing large crowds at the Moscone Center during RSA Conference 2013.

The live demos even show how Entrust’s mobile identity-assurance technology stop malware or man-in-the-browser (MITB) from compromising desktop transactions. Secure everything from simple bank transactions to legal/human resources communication.

Entrust’s portfolio of mobile security solutions includes everything from mobile smart credentials, application protection, device certificates, strong authentication, malware defense and seamless transaction-signing.

Now is the time to embrace mobile security. As security threats increase and risk grows, identity access management (IAM) will only become more difficult. Mobile is convenient, more secure and cost-effective.

And thankfully, Entrust’s comprehensive mobile security solutions scale to protect today’s most popular mobile platforms — including Apple iOS, Google Android and BlackBerry — and solve the most challenging customer use-cases.

We’re at Booth 1139 at the Moscone Center all week and ready to talk.

Entrust at RSA Conference 2013 | Moscone Center | Booth 1139

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