Gone are the days when consumers expected generic card mailings with no personalization tied to the carrier or the card. Today’s technology can track consumer behavior and buying trends enabling issuers to cater to individual customer needs and deliver at the speed of business. Enhancements such as personalized letters and forms, personalized cards, and one-of-a-kind cards are all making their way to our doorsteps.

All of these personalized one-to-one marketing trends are driving smaller production runs, shorter pre-printed card stock lifecycles and shorter turnaround times. However, these needs must still be balanced with tighter profit margins and tougher governmental regulation requirements when managing and evaluating operations.

Considering these trends and the competitive nature of the industry, there are steps you can take to help your card delivery program differentiate itself. Offering innovative products and services that protect your investments and optimize card programs is key. Consider:

    1. On-Demand, Inline Color Printing

This new technology helps balance the needs of marketing and operations teams and provides the flexibility to create more dynamic mailings. Turn blank white paper into highly personalized, full-color card carriers. These high-impact mailings aid brand differentiation and help create a message that resonates.

An entire warehouse can be dedicated to the storage of pre-printed carrier stock that must be ordered weeks in advance and stored and tracked. If plans changes, or original volume needs are inaccurate, these documents remain on the shelves until they are finally thrown out, which of course directly affects the bottom line.

    1. Larger Paper Support

Traditional 8 ½ x 11″ or A4 carrier sizes may no longer suffice to deliver obligatory legal disclosures and the key marketing content that generates new revenue and attracts customers. New regulations have pushed the need to expand card carrier sizes to 8 ½ x 14″, 11 x 17″ or A3 sizes. With larger forms, issuers can now easily attach a card in addition to promotional and educational information, tear-offs and coupons to help drive revenue and decrease expenses – all on one form.

    1. Inline Automation for Improved Efficiency

Reduce turnaround time and production steps with inline automation. Having an inline system that can both personalize the card and package it for mailing all in one step is ideal. It helps reduce customer turnaround time, minimize production steps, and increase operational efficiency and security by reducing the risk of human error and minimizing the handling of cards.

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