Organizations around the world are required to tackle issues from all angles. And, looming over any issuance program — whether it is for payment cards, ID documents and credentials, or newer technology — is the need to ensure security and reduce risk so that consumers and investments are protected.

There are thousands of complaints of fraud and identity theft each year, resulting in millions of dollars worth of stolen assets. And, the majority of these stem from data breaches associated with cardholder information.  To combat this, there are more and more regulations and security standards that are being put into place demanding card issuers add in more physical and logical security in the card personalization environment.

Many card issuers are making major enterprise-wide investments in data loss prevention (DLP) and Identity Access Management (IAM) to help meet these stringent standards — in particular complying with the PCI Security Standards.  Meeting these requirements can be difficult, and card issuers want to ensure that they are protecting their investments by making the right decisions.

By implementing a portfolio that addresses every phase of the secure identity and issuance process – from enrollment to personalization to issuance to post-issuance management – organizations can maximize security and efficiency and gain flexibility to issue secure, personalized cards.

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