Bill Conner, Entrust President and CEO, Addresses Global Dignitaries during INTERPOL 79th General Assembly

BC-INTERPOL-SummitBill Conner addressing the INTERPOL General Assembly

During the INTERPOL 79th General Assembly on Nov. 8, Entrust President and CEO Bill Conner addressed global security and law enforcement leaders in Doha, Qatar.

With many dignitaries, officials and ministers in attendance, Conner explained the current identity fraud threat landscape, and also outlined the multipurpose smartcard credentials Entrust recently developed to properly secure the digital identities of INTERPOL officers.

“Good afternoon. On behalf of Entrust, and myself, I would like to thank Secretary General Noble, Mr. President Bon Hui, the National Central Bureau Heads, and the Leaders of Qatar for the opportunity to be here today.

In particular, I thank Secretary General Noble and his INTERPOL officers for the partnership we have built over the past year. We’ve worked together well and we have accomplished much. What is most notable from our partnership, however, is the industry-first that we accomplished in the creation of the INTERPOL e-identification card. This single card accomplishes three different, significant objectives:

  • First, it is a standards-compliant international travel identification card;
  • Second, it is an enterprise-level physical-logical INTERPOL identity card; and
  • Third, it enables next-generation virtual boarder identity management capabilities.

All three of these capabilities are on one card and are delivered to you at no cost.

Entrust & Government

Let me begin with a little background on Entrust and the role we play in global security. We are a $100 million global software company that is solely focused on identity-based security. About half of our business is from governments around the world. Governments like our host country, Qatar, whose Ministry of Interior uses Entrust’s PKI technology to form the basis of their government smart-ID program for enabling e-government to citizens.

Governments like Saudi Arabia, which uses Entrust for employee credentials and as their National Root Certificate. Governments around the world use Entrust in their passports, national IDs, national healthcare cards, law enforcement agencies and Ministries of Defense. In total, half of the world’s issued digital passports use Entrust’s technology.

Securing the Financial Sector

In addition to our role in government, a third of our business comes from global financial institutions. Our technology and secure identity products are used to protect financial transactions against the ever-increasing cyber fraud threats.

Banks like SAMBA, First National Bank of Nigeria, Ciaxa, Citibank, Royal Bank of Scotland, and more than 200 others use Entrust to protect their employees, customers and money transfers. We also play a key role in central banks and money transfer systems like China Financial Certificate Authority, the United States Department of Treasury, the Federal Reserve Bank and SWIFT.

Perfect Partnership — Entrust & INTERPOL

But enough about Entrust and who we are. Let’s move on to what we have done for you and INTERPOL this year. Simply put, you are part of the first group ever to receive a single smart card that can provide secure global travel, enterprise-level logical and physical access, and virtual border capabilities at a country and individual level.

In partnership with INTERPOL and EDAPS, Entrust developed and built the INTERPOL e-identification card. Entrust’s global identity expertise and capabilities enable compliance with the international standards of ICAO and ISO, which enable the international travel capability. Our expertise in certificates also enabled the enterprise and virtual border access capability.

Industry-First Multipurpose Credential


This e-ID card capability will deliver improved travel security and increased efficiency, while at the same time dramatically improving program costs. By using the card form factor with a managed certificate service instead of traditional paper booklets, countries can radically reduce the total cost of issuing and managing citizen credentials.

The second thing we delivered on the e-ID card is an INTERPOL police force credential for physical and logical access at the enterprise level. The same e-ID card enables secure access to buildings and facilities as well as secure access to INTERPOL networks and data, thereby, providing a truly global trusted identity for INTERPOL.

The third thing we delivered is the ability to create a mobile virtual border for special one-time events like a FIFA World Cup or an Olympic event; or Government meetings and assemblies; or even emergency missions for international crime scenes or relief efforts.

So that’s what we’ve done for you this past year — a lot of firsts for both of us. I thank you for that opportunity. As you can see, Entrust and INTERPOL have a shared mission — “To Make the World a Safer Place.”

Let me close by expressing, on behalf of Entrust and our employees around the world, our deep appreciation for the work each of you and your fellow officers do every day. We are very appreciative of you. You have dedicated your lives to making the world a safer place.

Thank you for your time and your support.