• New Report: Securing Your Business with PKI

    The way we do business is changing. From retail to banking, enterprises in just about every market are turning toward new digital business models that connect customers, mobile workers, apps and devices. Once siloed information can now be shared between any device or location thanks in large part to the expansion of mobility and the cloud. There’s just one problem

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  • Why All the Interest in PKI Again?

    Part 7 of 9 in the Series — Digital DNA
    Back in the 1990s, asymmetric cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) using x.509 certificates was a pretty hot topic in security. This technology provided great promise for distributed systems, e-commerce, and digital cash. And, as is common with newer, exciting technologies, it became the hyped up answer to everything wherever cryptographic key management was required. Academic and near-religious arguments ensued about

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