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Entrust Datacard authentication solutions deliver strong security without compromising the end-user experience. Whether you're serving consumers, citizens, employees or business partners, our platform offers the strongest forms of authentication with mobile identities, advanced adaptive authentication and high assurance that are transparent to the user. Plus, the breadth of our solutions greatly streamlines deployment and ensures user experiences that eliminate security friction.

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Our Next-Generation Platform Allows You To:
‣ Meet regulations with high assurance
‣ Ensure network and data security
‣ Enable your mobile workforce
‣ Fight fraud before it happens
‣ Exceed customer expectations with new experiences and services


Security that’s right on the money

Banks looking to attract and retain customers, and then build lifetime brand loyalty, are deploying sophisticated omni-channel strategies. They want to create a seamless and consistent experience for customers, whether they are in branches, online, using a mobile app, at an ATM or using a call center. In addition to frictionless experiences, these omni-channel strategies are aiming to enhance security and prevent cyber attacks. Entrust Datacard offers authentication solutions designed to optimize these evolving omni-channel strategies. Explore more how our solutions benefit financial institutions across all channels.

Sampling of Use Cases We Support
— Security for mobile banking apps
— Online banking security
— In-branch and call center identity proofing
— Cardless ATM
— Digital account opening
— Employee authentication

‣ Mobile banking users (30%) exceeded branch users (24%) for the first time in 20151
‣ 18% of bank breaches are caused by employee online security errors2
‣ Average cost of a bank breach is more than $4M3

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3 Ponemon Institute research sponsored by IBM, 11th Annual Cost of a Data Breach Study, 2016


Trusted Identity for an Changing World

Governments are connecting more and more with their citizens through applications and portals. Whether it’s for securing borders, removing friction from entitlement programs or streamlining voting, digital business is changing the world of government. Government employees are also changing. Like the private sector, more and more government employees want to work anywhere-anytime — and they’re discovering they’re more effective when they’re able to work remotely using mobile devices and apps. Entrust Datacard offers authentication solutions to secure and enable the full range of citizen and government employee use cases, while meeting compliance regulations. To learn more about how our solutions can benefit government agencies, visit this page.

Sampling of Use Cases We Support
— High-assurance derived PIV credentials (mobile)
— Law enforcement solutions (CJIS)
— Citizen service levels & engagement

‣ 25% of breaches are due to human error related to identity
‣ 42% of government workers would like to use mobile devices to work outside of regular office hours
‣ 2/3 of Americans use the internet to connect with government

1 Ponemon Institute research sponsored by IBM, 11th Annual Cost of a Data Breach Study, 2016
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New Business Models Take Flight

The strategic importance of the commercial aviation market and the government aerospace and defense industry has led the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to require first-tier subcontractors and their supply chains to meet multi-factor authentication regulations outlined in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Computer Security Division security standards (NIST 800-53). Many other countries are developing laws or recommendations of their own. Entrust Datacard offers solutions that can be configured to meet the specific requirements of any commercial or government organization.

Sampling of Use Cases We Support
— High-assurance employee ID access
— PIV-I and derived credentials
— Encryption of secure communications
— Privileged users/dual controls
— Secure collaboration with contractors/partners

‣ Aerospace organizations endure an average of 1,000 cyber attack attempts per month1
‣ Experts predict a 40% growth in data volumes and mobile device usage in aerospace by 20202
‣ Authentication is viewed as a key technology to prevent unauthorized control of aircraft3

1 European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), 2016
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Heal the Broken System

Healthcare costs are a primary concern for countries of all sizes. For both socialized and for-profit systems, the solution to providing better care while reducing costs rests largely with digital business innovations. A requirement for this new connected world is trusted identity — for patients, clinicians and all of the professionals who comprise this changing market. Entrust Datacard offers authentication solutions that help address HIPAA compliance and seamlessly integrate with the digital systems that are transforming healthcare worldwide.

Sampling of Use Cases We Support
— Patient and partner portals
— Employee authentication (administrative staff & doctor/nurse)
— Signing and approvals

‣ 72% of physicians access drug information from their smartphones1
‣ 63% of physicians access research data from their tablets2
‣ 36% of clinicians believe web portals and apps are their most effective form of patient engagement3

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We’ve Got You Covered

Digital business is driving down costs in the insurance industry perhaps faster than any other. From shopping for coverage to managing policies to reporting and tracking claims, digital business is transforming the industry at a terrific pace. Authentication technology is critical in this industry where sensitive data is being transmitted and so many transactions are being completed. Entrust Datacard offers proven next-generation authentication solutions for customer-facing apps and portals, as well as employee identity use cases that are so important to insurance companies of all sizes.

Sampling of Use Cases We Support
— Partner network
— Employee authentication
— Customer portals for account management, claims

‣ 77% of insurance seekers start online1
‣ 78% of insurance companies now offer claims apps2
‣ Mobility is improving adjuster efficiency and reducing claims costs3

1 Pew Research Center, Internet & American Life Project, 2013
2 Ward Group, NAMIC Convention, 2015
3 Accenture “Enabling a Mobile-Empowered Claims Workforce,” 2015


Digital Prosperity in Store

The retail world offers the most tangible evidence of the digital transformation that is reshaping every aspect of our lives. How we shop, how we pay and how we interact with brands and stores have all changed in the last several years. Entrust Datacard offers robust authentication solutions for every aspect of retail business, from digital payment solutions for trusted transactions to security and enablement for retail apps and e-commerce sites.

Sampling of Use Cases We Support
— Customer portals - e-commerce and loyalty
— Partner networks
— Mobile and remote workforces

‣ 45% increase in online shopping in the U.S. in 20161
‣ Location-based marketing drove $44M in new sales in 20162
‣ 73% of consumers prefer to do business with retailers offering personalized experiences3

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