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Cloud and mobile technologies are digitally transforming the way organizations conduct business, and to achieve success in this rapidly changing environment, organizations must provide better user experiences while ensuring the business is protected through trusted identities. Entrust Datacard Authentication Cloud Service solves the identity and authentication challenge with a cloud-based authentication solution.

The Authentication Cloud Service Benefit Calculator takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and provides you with a quick and easy way to show the benefits of using a cloud-based authentication solution. And you’ll be able to show the value of this service to upper-management.

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Increase User Productivity with SSO

How many employees do you have?
What is their average loaded cost?
On average, how many systems do they access each day that requires authentication?
How much time does it take to access a single system (typically 30 to 180 seconds)?

Reduce IT Time

How many IT employees manage authentication issues each year?
What is the average annual fully loaded cost of an IT employee?
On average, what percentage of their time do they spend managing authentication issues?
Using Entrust Datacard, by what percentage do you think you can can reduce the time IT employees spend on authentication issues?
Nucleus Research has found, on average, companies typically reduce their time by 60-95%. 75% on average.

Reduced Risk

What is the total potential loss due to a risk event?
What is the probability of an event in any given year?
By what percentage do you think you can reduce this risk using Entrust Datacard Authentication?
Nucleus Research has found, on average, companies typically reduce risk by 80-90%.

Reduced Software Cost

What is the annual maintenance cost for authentication software you plan to eliminate after deploying Entrust Datacard?
What is your projected annual spend on upgrades to software that you can avoid using Entrust Datacard?

*This is a benefit estimator only. It will estimate your benefits based strictly on the information you provide. Financial calculators and calculations are provided for illustrative purposes only. Actual results may vary.