A Foundation in Security

As we reflect on our 15-plus-year history, it is interesting to note that the history of Entrust follows a similar storyline to the evolution of communications and the Internet. Working closely with our customers to understand and overcome their security challenges, we have helped break down and remove many obstacles that can prevent governments and enterprises from leveraging the Internet and enterprise networks to their fullest potential.

Entrust customers now use security to enable more than just protection. They work with Entrust to transform their security challenges into business opportunities. Securing digital identities and information with Entrust security makes it possible for our customers to save time, cut costs, increase productivity, improve compliance with legislative requirements, and protect their brand and business.

This brief overview of our company history focuses on the technologies and products that we pioneered to increase the benefits our customers can achieve when managing relationships and transactions online.

It Started with PKI

In 1994, Entrust built and sold the first commercially available public-key infrastructure (PKI) to make it possible to manage the keys and certificates that enable encryption and digital signatures. Now in its 8th edition, the Entrust Authority product portfolio is the industry’s most relied upon PKI solution.

Used widely to enhance the security of enterprise applications, the portfolio’s features and functionality continue to outstrip its competitors. Entrust Authority software delivers higher customer value to governments and businesses, allowing them to achieve top quality security at lower total cost of ownership.

Through the ‘90s

The mid-1990’s client-server network architectures demanded increased flexibility and functionality at the end-user desktop.

In 1996, Entrust delivered the industry’s first client-software designed to maximize the benefits of PKI and make security easier and more transparent for users. Now, the Entrust Entelligence product portfolio is used to secure the files, email, e-forms, VPNs and wireless LANs (WLAN) of many of the world’s largest enterprises, banks, telcos and government departments.

As enterprise applications began to transition to Web applications, Entrust became a leader in delivering the first zero-footprint solution to enable PKI-security over the Web. Launched in 1999, Entrust TruePass was also the first Web-security product to achieve FIPS 140-1 validation by the U.S. and Canadian Federal Governments.

Through the Dot Com Bubble

In April of 2002, Entrust’s PKI technology served as the foundation for the prototype of what is now the United States Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA). The Federal Bridge CA is a fundamental element of the trust infrastructure that provides the basis for intergovernmental and cross-governmental secure communications.

Acting as a trust conduit, the FBCA extends the benefits that agencies and government organizations achieve through the use of Public Key technology to a broader set of applications and transactions. Entrust’s PKI serves as a core element of the Federal Bridge and demonstrates interoperability with all major FBCA vendors.

Through its acquisition of enCommerce in May of 2000, Entrust broke new ground combining authentication and authorization technologies in a single security infrastructure. Entrust GetAccess was the first Web portal security product to scale to millions of users in live deployment. Teamed with Entrust TruePass, Entrust GetAccess delivers unparalleled security to Web portal environments, including those accessed by wireless devices.

Entrust continued its leadership and Industry “firsts” with the introduction of the Entrust Secure Transaction Platform in October of 2002. As the first comprehensive approach to securing Web services, the Entrust Secure Transaction Platform provides open, standards-compliant security capabilities for Web services applications.

In keeping with a long tradition of delivering customer value, the Entrust Secure Transaction Platform is designed to leverage existing and future security technologies to deliver flexibility, lowest total cost and industry-leading security to Web services. This innovative platform makes it possible to leverage and extend existing investments in client/server and Web portal security solutions to allow governments and businesses to migrate to and adopt Web services at their convenience.

In 2003, Entrust broadened its security solutions portfolio to address the emerging market in identity management. By tightly integrating its leading Web access management software and other strong security services with new technologies in provisioning and password management, Entrust was able to launch the Entrust Secure Identity Management Solution.

The solution provides a comprehensive suite of products that allow customers to securely manage identities used in transactions with employees, partners, suppliers and customers. Supporting a broad range of client-server, Web and Web services environments, the solution enables organizations to lower the costs associated with deploying and managing user, application and device identities while making it easier to securely access applications and information over the Internet.

Through best-of-breed capabilities, the Entrust Secure Identity Management Solution is easy to deploy and operate, includes secure administration, and cost-effectively scales to address large user populations.

Change through Acquisition

In mid-2004, Entrust took a big step forward in expanding the breadth of its Secure Messaging and Secure Data Solutions with the acquisition of AmikaNow! Corporation’s advanced content-scanning, analysis and compliance technology.

Using highly sophisticated content analysis tools, the Entrust Entelligence Compliance Server is designed to automatically analyze and categorize email message and document content based on the contextual meaning, not simply pre-defined word lists.

Policies may be customized to suit the corporate environment and be automatically enforced at the boundary to help customers reduce business risk and help in their compliance with privacy and securities laws including HIPAA, GLB, PIPEDA and various SEC regulations.

By adding boundary email and data security capabilities with its traditional end-to-end encryption and digital signatures functionality, Entrust is focused on becoming the leader in delivering comprehensive, single-source secure data and secure messaging solutions for enterprises and governments worldwide.

A New Era

In July 2009, Entrust was acquired by San Francisco-based private equity firm Thoma Bravo, marking the new beginning for both companies.

Soon after, Thoma Bravo established many aggressive financial goals as part of a multi-year strategy for Entrust. By 2013, Entrust had exceeded those expectations, transforming into the leading identity-based security company with a solid business model underpinned astounding gains in recurring revenue and company-record EBITDA.

Being a private company allowed Entrust to increase its focus on customers during a strategic business shift. It also allowed for the rapid innovation and transformation of the company’s security products to address mobile, cloud, and physical/logical access environments. This resulted in growth, profitability and a business model transformation that created tremendous value for customers, employees and shareholders.

Positioned for Success

This success was spearheaded by Entrust’s history and expertise in securing digital identities. The proliferation of digital identities — beyond people to devices and applications — and the increased volume and complexity of malware attacks, rendering traditional antivirus and perimeter security solutions ineffective.

Entrust’s move to mobile- and cloud-based security solutions solved growing cybersecurity challenges and had the company strategically positioned for their next growth stage.