Providing comprehensive identity-based security solutions that safeguard enterprises, governments, financial institutions, citizens and websites.

Entrust provides identity-based security solutions that empower enterprises, consumers, citizens and websites in more than 5,000 organizations spanning 85 countries. Entrust’s identity-based approach offers the right balance between affordability, expertise and service.

With more than 125 patents granted and pending, these world-class solutions include strong authentication, physical and logical access, credentialing, mobile security, fraud detection, digital certificates, SSL and PKI.

With more than a decade of service to the globe’s most elite organizations and governments, Entrust helps provide identity-based security with award-winning solutions that defend against sophisticated online and internal threats, increase corporate efficiency and comply with domestic and international regulations.

From security-conscious organizations to innovative government departments, Entrust’s identity-based approach helps promote and protect the trust associated with digital identities.


Learn why Entrust has been a forerunner in the identity-based security market for nearly two decades.


Our solutions have been endorsed through prestigious awards year after year.


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Entrust SSL Certificates

Entrust provides a full range of identity-based security solutions for organizations, governments and financial institutions. Entrust Certificate Services and our comprehensive portfolio of SSL digital certificates remain as a cornerstone to a layered, identity-based security approach that has just one goal in mind — you.