A graphic example of Mobile productivity. . . uhmm, sorry about the pun!

A couple of days ago I wrote a little piece on the growth of mobile devices in the enterprise, and then tied it to the release of Entrust identityGuard 10 – in a little bit of shameless corporate promotion. But hey, I’m in marketing and I get well compensated for doing just that!  I had a couple of take-aways in that post: first, that mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous in the enterprise and need to be considered as a key platform for organizations; and secondly, that enterprise security of these devices, particularly must be a prime consideration for companies, particularly on how to authenticate them to the  network.

Well, coincidentally, yesterday I received a phone call from one of my colleagues who’s in Sales in the UK – occasionally I’ll refer to him as a friend, given that we’ve worked and partied together for the better part of 12 years (yes, we have a few stories on each other).   I think I mentioned in the last post the statistic that 75% of organizations deploy mobile applications to increase productivity (Tim Sheedy, Forrester Research, Sept 3, 2010). And our conversation brought home to me just how important these devices are becoming to companies.

As a marketing person I for good or bad, have responsibility for the corporate overview.  As such, my friend called me to mention that it would be really cool if our corporate overview could be converted so it was compatible with the iPhone version of Keynote – the Mac presentation application that was just recently released. In his words, if a sales person was at a customer site and found that he wanted to run through a few slides from the corporate deck, it would be great if he could just pull out his iPhone and drive the presentation.

Fortunately our corporate presentation, build using Powerpoint, is pretty much there – so it won’t be much work to do the extra 5% to make it 1oo% compatible. But to me, it just drove home, yet again, the potential power of mobile devices for corporate applications.  And frankly, if it helps my friend generate some sales, then it’s going to quickly find itself at the top of the priority list.


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