• PKI: On-Premises versus Managed Service Debate

    Businesses have a series of mechanisms for establishing trust across connected devices on a massive scale through public key infrastructure (PKI). Aside from providing an enhanced level of security and integrity, PKI plays a critical role in protecting data, employees and businesses. PKI has been a proven technology for protecting connectivity between connected devices for some time. But as the

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  • What type of authentication is best for GDPR compliance?

    Misuse and careless handling of personal data by some online companies have come to the attention of lawmakers, and the European parliament has responded with updated legislation. The EU directive that currently governs the processing of personal data dates from 1995; a time when the very suitability of the Internet as a platform for business was in question. While that

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  • Securing the IIoT

    Today, digital businesses strive to create new business models that turn stand-alone products into highly interactive and connected services. This comes with many challenges — from complicated integrations and extended deployment timelines to mitigating safety and privacy concerns. According to Forbes, an intensified focus on security measures is one of the five IoT trends to consider in 2017. Even U.S.

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