• SSLPersonas

      SSLPersonas is a Firefox extension that adds a little color to your secure browsing experience. When browsing an SSL protected web-site, the extension provides in-your-face visual feedback regarding the security of the site via a theme in the Firefox chrome at the top and bottom of the browser interface. The themes are as follows: Green indicates that you are

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  • Google is speeding up SSL

    Everyone loves SSL, also known as Transport Layer Security (TLS), right? Well, the good people at Google have decided to make it even better by speeding it up with a feature called TLS False Start. Setting up an SSL session requires an initial handshake, which is a series of back-and-forth messages between the Web server and browser. The idea behind

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  • How to Deploy HTTPS Correctly

    I came across ‘How to Deploy HTTPS Correctly’ written by Chris Palmer of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Chris does a great job  explaining why web site operators should use HTTPS versus just HTTP. He points out a couple of good practices that were not previously addressed in my blog post, ‘SSL Deployment Mistakes’: Scope sensitive cookies to the secure origin

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