Welcome to the New Identity On

Geoff Blaine

It’s been a long time coming. While Entrust has been blogging about our favorite topics — identity-based security, authentication, SSL, mobile and cloud, cryptography, ePassport and credentialing, PKI, fraud detection and more — for years, our blog never did our security experts justice. Until now.

Welcome to the new Identity On.

You’re now experiencing the new home for cybersecurity news, trends and discussion — and it’s powered by real Entrust security experts. We’ll feature thoughts and discussion from research experts, product managers, advanced cryptographers, executives and more. And we’ll continue our objective of building awareness for certain topics.

Bookmark the site. Subscribe to the RSS feed. Share on social media. Identity On is now part of your daily security rotation.

Geoff Blaine
Geoff Blaine
Sr. Writer & Managing Editor

An eight-year veteran of Entrust, Geoff is the Identity On blog's managing editor, and also serves as the company's senior writer and social media manager. He brings a blend of real-world journalism experience, cybersecurity perspective and mainstream tech interest.


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