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Microsoft to ban keys less than 1024-bits

June 15, 2012 by Bruce Morton     No Comments

For those of you who do not maintain the size of your keys for digital certificates, you’re about to have some problems. Microsoft is not a proponent of small-sized digital keys. Their Windows Root Certificate Program does not allow CAs to issue certificates with keys less than 1024-bits RSA and deprecates keys that are less [Read More...]

The Importance of Key Backup!

August 16, 2010 by Scott Shetler     No Comments

On Tuesday, Aug 17th, Entrust is releasing a new version of it’s certificate management service, and included in that version among other things are new secure email certificates! We have 2 flavors launching: one for individuals that offers a low assurance ID with limited bells and whistles, and one for enterprises that offers a medium [Read More...]

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Market Shifting but Entrust Focused

June 2, 2010 by Scott Shetler     No Comments

There has been an interesting development in the SSL market since our last blog – the acquisition by Symantec of the entire security product portfolio of Verisign, including GeoTrust and Thawte. The acquisition ends VeriSign’s transformation from a security software provider to simply a domain name registrar and domain name infrastructure provider. Throughout an unspecified [Read More...]

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