• Secure Non-Registered Domains with New Private SSL Certificates

    Are you an SSL certificate owner that has SSL certificates that protect non-registered domains? What are non-registered domains? Well, let’s first talk about registered domains. These are the domains where you register the domain root to an approved top-level domain (TLD) through an online registry such as example.com. Once you have example.com registered, then you can support Web servers such

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  • Adobe Code-Signing Certificate Compromised

    Adobe announced they received two malicious utilities signed by a valid Adobe code-signing certificate. The code-signing certificate was compromised though an attack on their code-signing system. The code-signing certificate will be revoked on October 4, 2012, and will impact all code being signed after July 12, 2012. A supporting security advisory has been issued. The compromise of the code-signing certificate

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