• Root Certificates with 1024-bit RSA Keys are Being Removed

    Entrust has been working since 2010 to educate our customers on the migration away from 1024-bit RSA keys. We updated our policy in 2011 and summarized the status in 2013. Entrust has implemented migration and do not issue any RSA certificates less than 2048-bit keys and have discussed continued issuance using our 1024-bit root.

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  • Microsoft Warns of Malicious RTF Files, Remote Code Execution

    On Monday, Microsoft issued a security advisory (2953095) notifying IT professionals and end-consumers of a vulnerability affecting “supported versions of Microsoft Word.” Per the advisory, specific rich text files (.RTF) that can be opened or previewed using many Microsoft software products, specifically Microsoft Word (2003-2013)and related service packs, could leave users vulnerable to remote code execution. If successful, the attacker

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  • Moving to TLS 1.2

    In 2014, there will be a trend for website owners to implement TLS 1.2 on their servers. TLS 1.2 was defined in RFC 5246 in August 2008 and is the most secure version of SSL/TLS protocol. Although TLS 1.2 has been available for a few years, it is not well deployed. SSL Pulse indicates that only 26 percent of the

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