• Chicago Citizens Hit Hard by Data Breaches

    Once upon a time, the only outbreaks that hit cities were of physical viruses. An attack of the measles in New York, the spread of a new flu in Philadelphia. But in an age of rampant cyber incursions, there's a new kind of disease that can hone in on specific cities. Chicago is feeling the heat.

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  • What is Spear Phishing?

    Recently, a form of identity theft known as spear phishing has been making headlines. While the method isn’t new, thieves are using it more and more to break into networks and steal data. Spear-phishing is a highly targeted, fraudulent attempt to enter into a network by gaining unauthorized access to secure information. The purpose of a spear-phishing attack is typically

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  • APWG Counter eCrime Operations Summit

    The APWG started as the Anti-Phishing Working Group in 2003. In the past nine years, it has grown and expanded to be an association of technical organizations, financial organizations, treaty organizations, and others to fight eCrime and identity theft. It provides coordination and assistance for just about anyone who needs it. I have worked with them from the start back

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