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HTTPS Everywhere 3.0

October 11, 2012 by Bruce Morton     No Comments

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has released HTTPS Everywhere 3.0.

Amazon Silk

October 27, 2011 by Bruce Morton     No Comments

Amazon announced last month that it is entering the tablet market with the Kindle Fire. The Fire will be based on the Android operating system and will use the new Amazon Silk browser. Silk will use an innovative architecture called dynamic split browsing. In order to improve performance, content will be made available through the [Read More...]

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Internet SSL Survey 2011

June 1, 2011 by Bruce Morton     1 Comment

Qualys SSL Labs has released its Internet SSL Survey Results for 2011, which were presented at Hack In The Box Amsterdam. The study focused on problems that break SSL due to poor website implementation — insecure session cookies, mixed content, incorrect site configuration and distribution of trust to third-party sites. The 2011 survey cross-referenced the [Read More...]

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May 6, 2011 by Bruce Morton     No Comments

Do you want to make the Internet a safer place? Maybe this is something for you. Internet activists, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Access have teamed to launch HTTPS Now, an international campaign aimed at soliciting consumers to help make web surfing safer. HTTPS Now comprises three initiatives: Individuals are encouraged to use HTTPS Everywhere, [Read More...]

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