• Public Key Infastructure (PKI): Evolving in a Mobile Age

    Twenty years ago, PKI technology was introduced amidst a whirlwind of hype and expectation. But due to its cost and complex deployment, it was placed on the back burner for several years as companies waited for a solution that would make it cheaper and easier to implement. This allows organizations a simplified way to ensure authentication, data privacy and integrity,

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  • Google Rethinks Revocation

    Google has decided in Chrome that they’re going to take a different approach to certificate revocation. Chrome developer Adam Langley describes the decision in detail in his blog, Imperial Violet. Unlike a number of CAs, we think this is a pretty good idea, even if incompletely executed so far. Revocation is a difficult task. It is difficult because it requires

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  • Verifying Code Authenticity

    When an end-user’s browser loads the code, it checks the authenticity of the software using the signer’s public key, signature and the hash of the file. If the signature is verified successfully, the browser accepts the code as valid. If the signature is not successfully verified, the browser will react by warning the user or rejecting the code, according to

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